Antique John Deere Plow Day Compilation

A compilation of a plow day that we recently had. Two families got together 5 John Deere tractors and some plows. Plows used were 3 versions of the John Deere #4, a John Deere #55 A-B-H, and an IH 3-pt plow. We plowed about 16 acres in an afternoon. It was a lot of fun and good experience for us younger ones who never "got to" spend endless days in front of a plow. No need to offer advice on how this or that should have been adjusted-we are well aware that some of the coulter depths, tractor wheel widths, & off-hitch adjustments were not perfect. However some of these plows were in the ground for the first time in decades, so I think it didnt go too bad. We spent 2 or 3 weeks doing repairs to the plows to get them ready.