2015 Mercedes G-Wagen vs 2015 Ford Raptor | American vs German

What if Aventador seems too weak and quiet? Of course, buy a Mercedes G-Wagen 4X4² or Hennessey VelociRaptor. American vs German 2015 Ford Raptor. Huge V8 compressor stops, and the car flies serenely on his incredible glide path. Unfortunately, cognitive shock from the elegant flight to be a physical shock after landing VelociRaptor as a three-ton SUV. Now I know what the taste of my lungs. Soft as butter, with long stroke suspension is compressed and then compressed further, allowing the 35-inch off-road tires to plunge into the arch, and as hard as molybdenum, front bumper beam to take the blow. I am convinced that broke the front suspension Hennessey VelociRaptor - the very machine that stubbornly refused to rescue Hammond from the top of an icy mountain. To the chagrin of the forest of my mutant Mercedes G-Wagen has made the same leap, landing like a ballerina on pointe, barely squeezing suspension with dual shock absorbers. These two SUV very large and very powerful. And so the be
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