This one of 2,690 Wildcar convertibles is finished in Turquoise Iridescent paint and just under the highest ranking Buick model, the Electra 225. Both the Electra and the Wildcar share the same 126 inch wheelbase and both models offer hardtop coupes and sedans, convertibls, and four door sedans with or without custom trim packages. This Cat has a 465 cid with over 400 horses, with the GS package, plenty to propel this 4,065 lb. behemoth. Back in 66 size didnt matter as well as the gas mileage but theres nothing wrong with that, afterall, the Buick was just a shade under the luxury Cadillac. This convertible would cost you $3,480 when new and its value today is well, -- a lot more today. Notice the red-line tires, a tire wildly utilized back then. This work of art sits there with its top down drawing you in close so the Wildcat could scratch you and make you its own. Beautiful machine. Hard to find these days. Go on, get close and personal, it will scratch you too. Thanks very