Peugeot 206 commercial - India

Storia di una ragazzo che scopre, su di un foglio di giornale malconcio, la reclame di una peugeot 206 e arriva a modificare la sua vettura al punto di farne una copia somigliante! ---- Histoire dun bricoleur qui copie la voiture dun prospectus à partir dune Ambassador. ---- Story of a very talented guy who transformed an Ambassador car into a Peugeot ones he saw in a flyer. A popular television commercial for the 206, known as "The Sculptor", involved a young Indian man deliberately damaging a Hindustan Ambassador (including having an elephant sit on it) and then spending the night welding it. The following day, the car emerges as an exact replica of the 206s shape - except with many dents and discolorations. The man then takes his 206 replica driving with friends, with many interested onlookers. ---- The track playing is "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" by Raja Mushtaq, later remixed as "Husan", by Bhangra Knights.
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