Maringotka, A Contemporary Caravan by Miramari Design, Amazing Tiny House

For those looking for something a little bit different, Maringotka is a contemporary version of the traditional wagon dwelling. Created by Prague studio Miramari Design, Maringotka can be used as a vacation home, for housing workers, as a hotel/resort unit or as a full-time residence. However it isn’t meant to be a travel trailer; while it can be moved occasionally, it does exceed the standard vehicle width limit on European roads. The stylish caravan is available in two standard configurations. Both 24 m2 (258 ft2) floor plans have a full kitchen and three-piece bath. The one shown in these photos has a large built-in sleeping platform at one end. The other version has an enclosed sleeping alcove plus a corner dining banquette that converts into a second bed. Maringotka is built on a steel chassis with a spruce structure and interior wall finish. The large round window over the bed and a porthole window in the bathroom echo the curve of the roof. With double-glazed windows, insulati